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Pinterest Inspiration for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – but before you call up your favorite flower shop, we’ve got a word of advice for you. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that moms love gifts that come from the heart and were made by your own two hands (just try and get your old finger paints back.)

DIY runs in our veins, and those few moments when we’re not working on the world’s best DIY website builder, we love finding creative ways of making beautiful things. And Mother’s Day provides the perfect excuse to lay some newspaper down and create some awesome crafts. But everyone’s got start somewhere. The Wix team headed over to the arts & crafts mecca (Pinterest, of course) and found these stunning craft projects that are sure to show mom you care.

Blooming Monograms
Personalized flower arrangement? Someone just nailed Mother’s Day!

Flower Pop Up Card
Flowers die, pop-up flower cards last forever. Just sayin’.


Cupcake Flower Bouquet

Sure, real flowers will last longer – but that’s not really the point here is it? After all, you can always reuse the pot with boring ol’ fashioned buds afterwards.

Mother’s Day Coupon Card Book
It’s the gift that keeps on giving – literally. Fill it with vouchers for all of her favorite things you do, and don’t forget to add some of her least favorite things so you can do them for her.

Mother’s Day Shaped Cookies
So beautiful, mom won’t want to eat them. But she will because… cookies.

Edible Bouquets
What’s that? Mom thought you got her flowers, but really you made chocolate covered strawberries? Double whammy! Best kid ever.

Decorated Champaign Bottle
This post may be in Spanish, but the concept is universal: glue chocolates to a champaign bottle and you’ve got a treat from the inside-out.


Create a Mother’s Day Card
Quit playing games with mom’s heart; it really doesn’t take too much effort to make mom a beautiful card.

A Journal Just for Mom
Have a mom who loves to write? Add a DIY touch to something she’ll use often by creating a journal that was made just for her.

Personalized Coasters
Remind mom how much she’s loved with each cup she drinks. Or remind her that you’re the reason why she drinks. Either way.


A Mug That Says It All
Bonus points, you can copy the design or order it as is from the link in this pin!

An Avocado Face Mask
Delicious, effective, and budget friendly – what’s not to love?

face mask

A Photo Calendar
Remind mom the reason why she’s celebrating this day in the first place with a beautiful calendar filled with pictures of her loved ones.


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