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Top 3 Unusual Entreprenurial Online

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Indeed, real-life applications and practices are the best ways to learn new information. However, there are a few things that you can neither be learnt nor taught. Here, online courses come handy where you can approach your entrepreneurial pursuits, interpersonal interactions and maybe the way you think through structured guidance. It also includes organised and hyper-focused lesson plans that not only refreshes your mind but lets you streamline your way to success.

The following list consists of online courses as assignment writing service UK ranging to a variety of subjects that are crucial for you to learn. From AR/VR, artificial intelligence to project and time management, prepare yourself to master all the skills that an entrepreneur must possess.

Note that most of the courses mentioned in the list come for a cost while others offer free temporary access to their videos and learning materials. Continue reading for picking relevant courses for yourself.

1.    Content Marketing Essentials

Being an entrepreneur, you must know about digital marketing and its components to run your business. If you are looking for ways to learn them, head towards Udacity. The online learning platform is offering a complete digital marketing course with all the content marketing essentials explained exclusively by experts. The course creator, Hubspot has designed the lesson plans in a way that allows you to build your own marketing strategy and assess its reach and effectiveness.

The first segment is based on simple content planning that tests your written and communication skills to communicate messages. Next, the course teaches you to create your content through curation, storytelling and other techniques followed by promotions and assessments. In addition to planning and creating, it also provides tips and tricks to enhance the UX of the website where the content will go live. Lastly, you can also find some job opportunities and learn more about the content marketing scope in the future.

2.    Intro to Artificial Intelligence

Even if you are not interested in learning AI, know that it is all around you. From mobile phones to the lifts you use every day, each one of them has some type of machine learning algorithm working at the backend. If we talk about the future of businesses, it will all be automated. Therefore, it is better to know the basics of AI as it costs nothing but gives you knowledge in return.

The best place to learn about AI and its applications is Udacity. It provides a 4-month long crash course that teaches machine learning, and how strategic planning plays a vital role in AI. The course then moves further to natural language processing (NLP), image processing and robotics. This lesson plan is based on a course taught at Stanford University by the co-founder of Udacity. However, there is a prerequisite of linear algebra and probability theory that you need to pass to enrol in the course.

3.    Body Language for Entrepreneurs

You need to learn the corporate body language when you are running a company as you have meetings with investors or an appearance to make in the media. The course, ‘body Language for Entrepreneurs’, at Udemy, teaches both verbal and nonverbal communications to increase your influence and build your image as a businessman. It also helps you in identifying hidden meanings in business interactions so that you can grow your network and deliver a speech accordingly.

The course description claims that all the lessons are built on nonverbal communication. You would agree that when you are trying to understand the other person’s perspective, you take the support of nonverbal speech. Whether it is interaction with a colleague or business meeting with your clients, learn how to effectively communicate with confidence by enrolling in this course today.

For one, you must be emotionally and mentally prepared for any course before enrolling in it. Secondly, whichever course you choose, make sure it teaches you something new and allows you to achieve your true potential.

Additionally, the above-mentioned courses help you in seeing things from a different and clearer perspective. They are specially designed to make leaders like you more aware of the situations and prepare you to take risks and accept challenges to improve yourself every day. So, which one is your pick?


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