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Food Photography Tips for Appetizing Images

Whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or the new kid on the block, we can all agree that having an online presence is pretty crucial to your success. In order to reel in new business and keep your regulars coming back for more, you need to create a restaurant website. More specifically, you need to have stunning images of your food on that website. After all, that’s why everyone’s checking you out in the first place, right?

Because hiring a professional photographer can cost you a pretty penny, we’ve compiled some food photography tips that will help you snap shots like a pro.

Quality Counts

When preparing the dishes for your photo-shoot, make sure you’re using the freshest food and ingredients. If your fruits are bruised or your vegetables are a funky color, it will only appear worse in the photo. You’ll be taking close-up shots (and a lot of them!) so you want to make sure you’re starting off with the highest quality food available to you.


Get Their Good Side

You’re not the only one who has a flattering side the camera loves! Play around with different angles and take as many photos as you can. Take some close-ups, shoot from the right side and the left and snap from a bird’s eye view; the more photos you have to choose from, the better.

The Right Light

If you’re still thinking to yourself, ‘a photo can’t possibly do my dishes justice,” think again. While gorgeous photos are not the same as someone tasting your food in real life, they can come pretty darn close and excellent lighting is the key to creating that experience. Be sure to set your stage in a room with natural lighting to keep your food looking real.

Expert tip: having back-light will highlight the texture of your food and allow any steam or smoke to be captured, showing off just how mouthwatering your menu is.

Sweat the Small Stuff

In other words, details matter. Every plate should be spotless around the edges, every caramelized onion should be perfectly placed and every specialty dish should be garnished in style. Be mindful of what tableware and cutlery you’re using to present your food; nothing gets past the eyes of a real foodie. Think of unique ways to emphasize just how delectable your dishes are, whether it’s sprinkling a vibrant colored spice on your potatoes or brushing your veggies with olive oil to give them extra shine, every detail matters.

Simplify Your Background

You may have initially thought to have your photo shoot in the hustle and bustle of your restaurant’s kitchen, but the best way to show off your food is in front of a simple background.  Too much noise can actually take the focus off of the main attraction. You can still add some subtle style by using a wooden table or a bright colored cutting board as your surface.

Get Real

While we’ve focused on everything looking spic and span for your photos, it’s important to also keep in mind the human element of your shoot. You don’t want your photos coming out too stocky and too stuffy; you’re a real restaurant with real good food and you want to find that balance. If the cheese is oozing out of the lasagna onto the plate, that’s your winning shot! It’s all about finding the right moment to highlight and show the world that you’re the real deal.

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